Balloon Arches

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Balloon Arches

Our balloon arches are perfect for any occasion and can be custom made with any colours or designs for your special day.

A stunning way to wow your guests.
We offer a range of different designs, dimensions and sizes with everything from simple coloured arches, to large shapes, characters, architecture designs and more. 

Pink heart shaped balloon arches
balloon hoop for engagement party
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What Are Balloon Arches?

Balloon arches are typically used for a number of different events and occasions, they can be made up on different types of balloons, decorations and ribbons. 

They serve as a perfect entrance piece to a venue, or centrepiece for any table.

Balloon arches are typically made with helium filled balloons, although these can be created with air filled balloons, however they may not last as long. 

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Balloon decorations for parties, weddings and occasions.

Balloon Arches & Events

Adding a Touch Of Magic To Your Special Occasion...

Get a free quote for your event to have our incredible balloon arches at your special day. 

Our talented team can create any kind of installation to suit you, from a wedding arch to a simple table décor. We work all over south Wales and south west England so no matter where you are we can bring colour and magic!

Your event deserves the best!

Tired of cheap, ugly balloon arches? Get the best for your special day. We cater for weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, graduations and everything else. Our beautiful creations are available for delivery across south wales and south west of England.

Why Balloon Arches?


Use as an elegant and stunning centrepiece in your wedding to turn the heads of guests and create the perfect photo opportunity.

Engagement Parties

Our professional team will create a stunning, bespoke balloon arch that will be the perfect addition to your special day.

Birthday Parties

Balloon arches at birthday parties work for all ages, whether you're celebrating turning 4 or 40 we can build the perfect custom arch for you.

multicoloured balloon arch


There's no better photograph opportunity than underneath your own personal balloon arch in your university's colours.

Baby Showers

Add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your baby shower with your personalised balloon arch, customised for the colour of gender, or neutrals.


Celebrate your special anniversary with the colours to coincide creating in a completely unique balloon arch which celebrates your love.

Other Party Decorations

Find a whole range of party decorations at Balloonery including banners, balloon columns, archways and more. Perfect for any occasion from birthdays to weddings, you'll find the perfect decoration for your event.


How much does a balloon arch cost?

The cost of a balloon arch depends on the amount of balloons required, additional decorations (Ribbons, Bows, Lights etc) and the length and height intended. 

Balloon Arches can typically start around £50 and range upwards to £1500 depending on the scale. 

How can we get a balloon arch to stick to a wall?

Removeable glue dots work great for this, as they will hold the balloon to the wall with ease, although it is best to be careful as they can often cause damage to the paint of your wall. 

Another way of doing this is hanging the balloon arch from the ceiling with ribbon or rope, and having it mirror the effects of being stuck to the wall. 

How to make a balloon arch ?

Plan in advanced – Balloon arches tend to have 12-16 hours worth of helium to stay afloat, Depending on how large you want the arch to be you can have between 10-200 balloons, lacing them together around a wireframe, pole or hoop, and decorating with ribbons and bows. 

Do You deliver balloon arches?

Yes we delivery our balloon designs throughout Wales and some areas of South West England. 

Our popular delivery locations include Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Neath, Bristol & Gloucester.